Insomnia Enters the Saudi Arabian Communications Market


The moment that Insomnia publicity agency signed a long-term contract between Insomnia and Sherbiny for Commerce a supplier to the Saudi Arabian oil industry was preceded by lots of travel and many meetings. They were worth the effort: Insomnia is the first Hungarian-owned communication agency to have a client in the Saudi Arabian market.

Insomnia, keeping its previous goals in sight, spared no pains to gain a significant clientele in foreign markets. The lengthy negotiation process and 60,000 intercontinental miles reached their goal: the agency signed a long term agreement with Sherbiny for Commerce, a company which provides services oil, gas and sewage companies. Insomnia became the first Hungarian communications agency to have entered the Saudi Arabian market.

 Sherbiny for Commerce is a traditional Saudi Arabian company with the management  still in family hands. In the last 25 years the company has proved to be a trusted supplier for oil companies and has shown it can compete with the best multinational companies in this competitive market. Based on its success, Sherbiny are planning to expand its operations to other countries of the Arabian Gulf and other countries where the oil industry plays a decisive role. Insomnia will help the company emphasize these facts in their communication. Their primary tasks are to create the new corporate identity and positioning, while designing and develop web pages and other comunication tools will also be part of the creative team’s job.

„As a Saudi company we think tradition is one of the most important values. However, as we discovered, in order to stay in the race we must open towards modern solutions. Just as we did in our technological developments, we are looking to use innovative methods in our communication as well. We chose Insomnia for their creativity, speed and experience with international clients.” – says Majed Sherbiny, Business Development Manager of Sherbiny for Commerce.