New Building-trade Client, an Addition Insomnia’s Portfolio


Insomia won the communications tender for experts of Baumit. Insomnia manages the communication of a number of building-trade companies, thus the Baumit campaign will also be handled by expert hands.

 The building-trade is no stranger to Insomnia, as the Agency has been cooperating with Mediterrán concrete roof tile manufacturer for a long time. By winning the tender of Baumit, Insomnia has taken another step towards managing the campaign of all manufacturers needed in order to build a house and thus becoming experts in the communications of the building-trade. The Agency won the tender through an invitation and work has already begun at the end of last year and the large-scale research is already being compiled.

’It is clear from Insomnia’s tender that the Agency expertly approaches the subject. Ideas of the detailed presentation are extremely creative and the target groups will easily identify with those.’ – saidBalázs Kádár, Marketing and PR Director of Baumit.