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Insomnia Introduces New Interactive Advertising Tool in Hungary

Organized by Digital Media Working Group of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary Insomnia Advertising has recently expounded a new, interactive and innovative advertising scheme before an audience of potential and interested advertisers.
Approximately half of the Hungarian population over 12 years of age is on Facebook, and significant segments of this group regularly play Facebook games.  Through a game-based advertising system, SupersonicAds, ads may be placed in the flow of the game, and those electing to watch these commercial messages receive, in return, virtual currency and other rewards. The self-service motivational system offered a new advertising surface, especially for consumer goods either as a part of an integrated campaign or as a stand-alone campaign. It also allows advertisers to be in interactive and direct contact with their potential customers.
Experts agree that Facebook as a medium has created a unique advertising regime while creating new demands for content and communications forms. Insomnia aspires to promote a more conscious advertising approach by companies and increase the efficacy of their marketing communications efforts through the use of these brand new tools on Facebook