The communication expert of Hungarian businesses
The communication expert of Hungarian businesses
Do you need a bigger (play)ground and new opportunities to expand and evolve? Perhaps a supporting, prepared and professional partner is what you’re looking for? Insomnia Boost supports Hungarian businesses with methodology, decades of first-hand experience and the full spectrum of communication tools in order to create success from potential. The following examples speak louder than words proving that we work hard for the reputation of our partners.
We started the branding of Gyulai in 2016 with the #gyulaimania campaign. Since that a line of new commercials, successful promotions and online activities helped the brand to improve and stay fresh.
Cafe Frei
Café Frei
CAFE FREI is on the largest café chains today in Hungary and thanks to its unique franchise-system it’s available in many countries beyond our borders. We took a significant part in this.
In the world of economy information has the highest value so data safety and information protection is more important than ever. Quadron IT’s safety solutions help to protect the valuables of businesses, while we help to increase the brand value of Quadron.
Pepo Papa
Insomnia’s most ambitious project was the market introduction of Pepo Papa’s pumpkin seed oil so far. From creative planning to production we handled everything so successfully that Pepo Papa’s oils have entered the European market already!
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Varga Dorottya
Dorottya Varga
account director
Boost packages

package includes:

  • brand diagnostics
  • 2 hrs consultation
  • BTL toolkit
  • ppt template
500 000 HUF+áfa

package includes:

  • BTL toolkit
  • Google AdWords
  • Linkedin campaign
1 000 000 HUF+áfa

package includes:

  • digital audit
  • SEO and content strategy
  • Social Media strategy
  • webdesign
1 500 000 HUF+áfa

Branding package:

  • brand logo concept
  • full CI

Brandworkshop package:

  • brandworkshop
  • competitive analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • positioning
  • TG / personas